How to get high quality truck and trailer repairs


First things first

Ask around. Even your friends may know a good friend that MIGHT can do the job. But can you trust a person that needs cash fast? Never trust a person or company that can not show you proof of insurance. 

Use the Internet

We all now have a smartphone. So why not use it. Search word like " diesel repair near me" or "on site repairs near me" and don't be afraid to read the reviews, they can tell you a lot about the repair company. Here at CL Griffin Repairs we strive on a 5 Star rating

Ask Questions

Always call or E-mail the repair company and ask questions. If they don't have time to talk to you, Then move on. Ask about Rates and deals they may offer. These companies almost never talk about deals unless you start to hang up

Be willing to pay

As like you. These companies are looking great customers. So be willing to pay for high high quality truck and trailer repairs. After a repair or two they will trust you as well as you start to trust the repair company